Let’s all be silky smooth

Silky smooth zohan
You Don’t Mess With The Zohan “Silky Smooth” ©
In this task we were asked to pick a random item from a box which had a corresponding product. I was given a lawnmower. We were asked to make an advertisement for the product that we were given and make it look professional. I chose to use the brand BOSCH as it is well known and also look very aesthetically pleasing. I found this product on the John Lewis website and copied the image and removed the background using colour range and selecting the background as it was just one colour that I had to remove. I then searched for a sophisticated but simple picture from the background that would match the “Silky smooth” theme of my poster, I then de saturated it making it B&W so that the product looks like its standing out and gives it the depth of field in a way that your attention is fixed on the product. I also made sure I had the BOSCH logo somewhere in the Background so it gave it the professional vibe

Using clipping mask to make something beautiful

For this task I was given a quote by Milton Glaser, “There are three responses to a piece of design. Yes, no and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for” We were told to make a poster of this showing the quote and Milton Glaser visible in the poster in a creative way. I chose to make this poster by first finding a landscape picture of Milton so I could give it a good professional effect. I then created a clipping mask of the picture and make a text layer under the clipping mask to give the effect of the text being his picture. To make him stand out I then made a duplicate layer of him above the clipping mask and lowered the opacity and fill to 20% to give it an even better look and make it seem more professional.

Can’t afford a tilt shift lens? Do this on photoshop

Screenshot 2015-10-15 11.47.26
This effect is created on photoshop by using adjustments to make the image brighter and saturate it to give it the tilt shift effect, in the quick mask mode and used the radial and the reflected gradient to make the selection of the focal point and then using a gaussian blur effect from the filters menu.


Screenshot 2015-10-15 11.52.53
Buy the tilt shift lens..

Photoshop Quick Mask and and Adjustments

Screenshot 2015-10-08 12.11.50
Screenshot 2015-10-08 12.16.47 I used the Colour range tool to select the blacks in the image, then I used the mask mode to remove small selections from the face and body leaving just the hair. Then I copy pasted into a new layer so I could change the hue/saturation of the selection.
Screenshot 2015-10-08 12.12.11
Screenshot 2015-10-08 12.12.52 In this screenshot you can see how I used the hue and saturation to colour in the hair